About Me

Welcome! My name is Michele Vennard. I am an entrepreneur and owner of Bikram Yoga San Jose. Over my 20 years of taking, teaching and owning a yoga studio, I’ve learned so much acquiring wisdom useful for anyone to apply in harnessing your best, most satisfying life. Yoga is a truth teller and I’m blessed to have a practice most everyday for the past 18 years. Listen to some of the concepts I’ve discovered and benefit and tune in to be your own seeker.

Michele Vennard was a marketing director for a line of Italian restaurants, Michele discovered Bikram yoga soon after her mother passed away from Alzheimer’s. In 2001, she became a certified Bikram yoga instructor. In 2003, Michele opened BYSJ with the dream to open a special place that focuses on introducing this specific type of yoga to new students and serving the many diverse students that diligently practice this discipline.

Over Michele’s 20 years of experience, not only has she taught to thousands of students but she has also mentored teachers, coached yoga athletes, hosted yoga competitions, and became the 2018 National USA Yoga Champion, women’s division 50+. 

Contact Michele by email: dailym.bysj@gmail.com

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