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DailyM 39: Detachment

I stand, look in the mirror, take a deep breath and say thank you afer every posture.
When you come into the room you have the opportunity to put your mind on a shelf as now you have to work on focusing on the words of the dialogue. Afer 90 minutes, the mind that’s on the shelf comes back in again but now it doesn’t have that strong hold on you. You are not so fixated on certain thoughts, you’re not so narrowly focused on the subject that was on your mind as you came into the studio. You gave your mind new oxygen, and with that you’ll see more options, more perspectives – you’ve detached and that’s a better way of being.
It’ll increase your self-awareness. It’ll increase your level of compassion. Whatever your area of influence, it will make you a better leader.
This ties in to my thank you’s because that’s what I am doing, regardless of the suffering, I am grateful. Same thing that will happen to you regardless of the suffering, even in situations outside of your world, you can stand there and say thank you and be grateful because you have detachment as you can look at it from a higher way of being

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