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DailyM 44: Money

You need to tell your money where to go, if you don’t “assign” your money then that money is going somewhere else where it IS assigned. In other words that money will just slip right out of your hands
and go somewhere else where it’s more controlled/disciplined.
These are thoughts from financial leader, Dave Ramsey, and useful to think about in the context of thoughts. Thoughts too, like money. is simply energy and without direction can cause harm or at the very least be of waste – yet, like Dave says, when “assigned’ thoughts are useful, effective, and building on itself to be more in the intention initiated!
The dialog is a great example of how thoughts are assigned. The teacher is reciting commands for your thoughts to follow .. being assigned in the best ways to make the yoga effective and beneficial.
Listen and learn a bit more about how thoughts can be powerful when a little extra “assignment” goes into them.

Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide To Money

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