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  • My Top Tips from 20 Years of Practicing Bikram Yoga

    How fitting to write this today, on my anniversary of 20 years of starting yoga! Yep – August 11th, 1998, just a few short months after my mom passed away. I took a class on the advice of friends to help my grieving, and never looked back.  I instantly knew that Bikram yoga would be something that I would continue…

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  • Yoga Immersion: My Experience Winning Nationals

    “Yoga Immersion” is what I will call the four days spent on a journey to Madison, Wisconsin to participate in the USA Yoga 2018 National Championships. Once you enter into the Immersion, life’s priorities become: how you are getting to class, when and how are you going to eat in between performances, and whether you brought what you need to…

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  • An Invitation to Trust: Yoga Championships, Mary Jarvis, and the 60 Day Challenge

    The older I get, the more I see the world as both a beautiful and yet a fallen place. I think generation after generation after generation, as we’ve heard for thousands of years, we will always have tension roaming as we vacillate from brighter to darker times, then from darkness into light. Conflicts occur between nation-to-nation, community-to-community, family-to- family and being-to-being.…

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