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    DailyM 52: Power of Thought

    The power behind what you believe in is more powerful than the challenge ahead of you!   According to Rajashree Choudhury, there are two kinds of thoughts: positive or negative and when we do our yoga practice we have an opportunity to be very present and start to understand or become aware of the thoughts that we’re having.   We…

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  • DailyM 51: Lessons

    4 Lessons I learned from this weekend: 1. Movement is necessary for healing. Michael Harris 2. Pranayama breathing helps you handle anxieties throughout the day. Rajashree Choudhury 3. Yoga is not just postures but a way of being. 4. The humidity in the room helps us release emotions and express them.   Teachers please share the lessons you learn.

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  • DailyM 50: Special Guest Rajashree

    We had a wonderful special guest this weekend Rajashree Choudhury! Here she tells us the importance of Pranayama. Why it is important to get the 2 sets of breathing in the beginning of class – when you come into class you bring with you your stresses from the outside. With the pranayama breathing, you are able to relax into your…

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